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Now you know WHY Papercutting here’s the HOW I went from discovering papercutting to starting up Paperama the business.

Having written the first blog post and started on this, it’s dawned on me that it’s not as clear cut (excuse the pun 🙂 ) as merely why and how; there are so many cross overs between the two. The practicalities and emotions, the business side of things and the art side of things… it’s less about the how and why now and more about the next step in my journey.

Healing Hands
My first A4 papercut created for a friend

To recap, there I was, all excited about art and creating again and  wanting to know more about what was out there. I wanted to know  more about papercutting. Quick search and BOOM I was  overloaded with a wealth of information. So many images; it was a  whole new world.

I quickly realised that this wasn’t something new. This wasn’t  something that had just appeared. Papercutting was an art form  that people had practised for centuries, (perhaps even longer), all  over the world.

Purple Fairy Papercut
My 2nd A4 papercut created for myself

I discovered there were different forms of papercutting; from  cutting with scissors to blades, from silhouettes to detailed pictures, layered cuts to grand structural pieces and everything in between and beyond. I also learned that there were different names for these forms: Jianzhi, Sanjhi, Papel picado, Wycinanki, Kirie, Kirigami, Scherenschnitte, to name just a few.

I was mesmerised. This was what I wanted to do. It made me smile, spiked my curiosity and, perhaps most importantly, I believed it was something I could do.

During all of this time looking and reading, I was also trying out some cutting for myself. I was printing images, typing up words on the computer, sketching and using bits and pieces of paper that I had in the house. I quickly found some easier than others. Certain pieces I was very proud of and others went straight in the bucket. I was sharing my new found passion with friends and family and was getting a great response.

Naturally, I then wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted my own page, but what was I going to call myself? I drove people crazy for days randomly shouting out suggestions and even tried cutting some logos.


Initially everything sounded like it could be a hair salon, sounded cheesy, or it was really funny to me but I’d have spent the rest of my life explaining. As an example, one of my suggestions was Slitting Image; like the old TV Show and slitting paper to make images (it made me laugh at the time). Next, I started trying to be clever and a bit more sophisticated by using different words trying to describe what I wanted to do. During one of these verbal tirades a connection was made; paper and panorama (an unbroken view / a picture or photograph) and there Paperama was born.

Paperama Profile Pic WhiteI needed a logo … cue the bombarding people with ideas and driving them crazy again. How about an English Rose and Scottish Thistle (each of my parents)? My first logo for setting up my page was created.

It stayed like that while I went about setting up my page but a couple of people (my Aunt in particular) made comments about how it wasn’t me.

Paperama purple cats2My Aunt made reference to my love of cats and purple instead. How on earth could cats relate to my page? So, I responded with a little cheek; found a load of cat silhouettes, thought it was too much then created this. Surprisingly it inspired me to create the logo that you will now recognise as Paperama.

During all this time I had been learning how businesses run on Facebook and talking with other crafters and artists. I was learning more about legalities, marketing and networking whilst making friends along the way. One of these new friends, Katie at Blackshoe®, had just gone through the process of trademarking her business details, and after some discussion, she supported me in doing the same for Paperama, Paperama® was on its way. I have never looked back, I knew I wanted to make this my business, my livelihood and I believed I could, but I had a lot still to learn.

I have decided to share with you a little bit more of my journey. I hope to cover more about the history of papercutting and share with you some of the amazing artists I’ve come across and still follow to this day. I’ll be explaining a little bit more about what I had to get to grips with in terms of running a handmade business and using social media. Along the way, I’ll share with you some of my own hints and tips.  I hope to also share with you an insight into my life, my loves, ramblings and amusements along the way.

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  1. Elizabeth
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    Really finding it interesting to read about your begininnings Kerry @ Paperama and how it all started, looking forward to the next chapter

    • Kerry
      | Reply

      Thank you Elizabeth, it’s always daunting when it comes to posting 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read and even more so to comment x

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